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With Alterproof you can harness the power of your data and benefit from an alternative form of ID, when interacting with service providers.


A new form of ID: World's services at your fingertips

Regardless of where you are, Alterproof allows you to verifiably prove your employment, education and credit history, giving you access to services previously unavailable.


KYC and beyond: More with Alterproof ID

Thanks to a more comprehensive picture encapsulating data from different domains, you can not only prove you are human, but give more data context and personalize your experience on and offline.

Top Benefits

There is a ton of valuable insights your data can give you - find out what you can do, with what you already have.

Everything within reach

Alterprof ID allows you to keep everything in one place, up to date and organized.

Stay on top of everything

Verifying data once allows you to prove the sattus of certain documents, without having to contact respective institutions every time.

Never miss an opportunity

Thanks to our Services section, you will be kept up to date with what serivces are available to you, based on the state of your ID.

Share and collaborate with ease

Since you are the custodian of your data, you decide what is visible to whom, and at what time.

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